Writing to Influence
Improve corporate correspondence - internal and external - by training your employees to write to express rather than to impress. Our business writing course works with their memos, proposals, e-mail, and letters to sharpen grammar and language skills.
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Negotiation Skills
Give your managers another tool useful in a team-based work environment; your sales force a critical marketing skill and your customer contact representatives a strategic communication tool. Based on the principled negotiation model developed by the Harvard Program on Negotiation, the focus is on reaching good agreements and strengthening relationships. New offerings include a customer service course, strategic communication skills, and coaching sessions.
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Learning is a combination of study and practice

Our programs mesh the latest business research and thinking with practical, hands-on training.

We've been in the communication business since 1978.

We have extensive experience with companies large and small and in a variety of industries including telecommunications, utilities, banking, engineering and manufacturing. Plus, we have international experience.

Our consultants are skilled business professionals in eight U.S. locations.

With a full spectrum of business communication seminars, ESC can become a member of your organizational development team.

We tailor our consulting/seminars to meet your objectives and your time frame. The sessions are held at your choice of locations using company specific examples and cases. Small classes, role-playing and videotaping provide highly interactive sessions.

We build confidence. Your employees walk away with skills that can be immediately applied on the job.

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