Writing to Influence
Improve corporate correspondence - internal and external - by training your employees to write to express rather than to impress. Our business writing course works with their memos, proposals, e-mail, and letters to sharpen grammar and language skills.
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Negotiation Skills
Give your managers another tool useful in a team-based work environment; your sales force a critical marketing skill and your customer contact representatives a strategic communication tool. Based on the principled negotiation model developed by the Harvard Program on Negotiation, the focus is on reaching good agreements and strengthening relationships. New offerings include a customer service course, strategic communication skills, and coaching sessions.
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Customized and Flexible Programs

Our programs are tailored to meet your budget, time frame, location, and content needs. Both group and individual sessions are available. Please scroll down to review our course descriptions. Click on any course name below for more information.

The Leader as Communicator

Align employees to a corporate strategy or change initiative through effective communication. Designed for middle to senior level management.

Dialogue - The Critical Leadership Skill

Discuss critical business issues and make sound, well-reasoned decisions within the management team through dialogue. Designed for senior management.

Presentation Skills

Organize and present dynamic professional presentations before any audience, field questions and create visuals. Appropriate for any level within the organization.

Winning Presentations

Plan and deliver sales presentations that get results. Designed for sales and marketing representatives.

Speaking at the Top

Prepare special occasion speeches such as motivating employees, speaking at retirement or awards banquets and entertaining with humor. Designed for middle to senior level management.

Negotiation Skills

Communicate and negotiate to get results and create win-win outcomes. Designed for any level within the organization.

Negotiating with Customers

Apply principled negotiation skills to a customer service or operations based environment. Designed for any level within the organization.

Negotiation - Beyond the Basics

Continue to develop principled negotiation skills and learn to deal with difficult people, difficult situations and complex issues. New coaching module available to hone skills. Designed for middle management.

Strategic Communication Skills

Use advanced communication techniques and negotiation skills to manage difficult conversations with customers or colleagues. Designed for any level within the organization.

Interpersonal Agility

Develop and improve interpersonal interaction, problem solving, and conflict management skills. Designed for entry level through middle management and team leaders.

Media Relations

Handle television, radio and print interviews effectively. Designed for any corporate-level spokesperson.

Witness Preparation

Prepare to effectively and confidently testify at hearings and courtroom trials. Designed for new and seasoned witnesses.

Business Protocol

Perform with poise and confidence in every business situation. Designed for entry level through middle management.

Write to Influence

Strengthen writing skills for greater impact and effectiveness in any business document. Designed for any level within the organization.

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