Writing to Influence
Improve corporate correspondence - internal and external - by training your employees to write to express rather than to impress. Our business writing course works with their memos, proposals, e-mail, and letters to sharpen grammar and language skills.
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Negotiation Skills
Give your managers another tool useful in a team-based work environment; your sales force a critical marketing skill and your customer contact representatives a strategic communication tool. Based on the principled negotiation model developed by the Harvard Program on Negotiation, the focus is on reaching good agreements and strengthening relationships. New offerings include a customer service course, strategic communication skills, and coaching sessions.
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Recent projects


An international consulting firm wanted to rollout a new program to 18,000 employees worldwide within a very tight timeframe. Our team conducted train-the-trainer sessions for 150 partners in New York, London and Paris as part of the project launch.

Financial Services/Banking

Following a mega-merger, a Fortune 1,000 bank brought us in to improve communications, allay fears among employees and build commitment during a time of great change. The work included preparing a company officer for a "critical issues" worldwide, live broadcast to the global customer service division; training senior executives on how to speak before challenging audiences; and consulting with corporate communications to develop a communications strategy around a global reengineering effort.

As part of a corporate commitment to retain good employees, a credit card processing company had us develop a corporate level management-training curriculum since little or no management training had been previously offered.


We are part of an on going effort by a global company to re-focus attention on communication and empower employees closest to the customer. Earlier communication efforts resulted in little or no commitment within the ranks. We helped the senior leadership team communicate more effectively with each other and improved their ability to create innovative solutions and chart future direction. Improving team communications throughout the division has lead to greater influence and access to decision making.

Health Care/Pharmaceuticals

A Fortune 100 pharmaceutical company launched a negotiation skills training program for customer contact and contract areas. The program, which will be ongoing, is reducing complaint times and collections in addition to improving team interactions.


We are part of an ongoing effort of a leading manufacturer to remain competitive in a global environment. The national sales force and procurement areas from several divisions have undergone extensive negotiation skills training. Coaching sessions on company-specific products and working with difficult customers is the most recent session. We are now part of the Leader Development Iniative.


Following a large acquisition, one-third of the offices of an information management company will be consolidated or closed within one year. We are working with the entire management team to communicate this change - along with a shift from analog to digital products - to the workforce in order to gain their understanding and buy-in of the "new company."

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