Writing to Influence
Improve corporate correspondence - internal and external - by training your employees to write to express rather than to impress. Our business writing course works with their memos, proposals, e-mail, and letters to sharpen grammar and language skills.
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Negotiation Skills
Give your managers another tool useful in a team-based work environment; your sales force a critical marketing skill and your customer contact representatives a strategic communication tool. Based on the principled negotiation model developed by the Harvard Program on Negotiation, the focus is on reaching good agreements and strengthening relationships. New offerings include a customer service course, strategic communication skills, and coaching sessions.
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Winning Presentations

Give your sales team the critical skills needed to be more effective whether speaking to one or one hundred. Based on the proven presentation formula developed by ESC, this seminar helps those attending to better analyze the customer, gives them a framework for efficient planning and allows them to receive feedback from other sales professionals.

Core topics include:

  • Customer profiling
  • Power of persuasion
  • Visual aids

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